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i always feel weird when i read facebook entries from the people i met in oxford. i had so many awkward (read disastrous) moments in oxford. i also had some not-so-bad moments and i made some friends, but i felt on the outside somehow. i feel on the outside of things a lot, unless i'm with dance friends or the swankers. i wonder why it works that way? anyway, back to the subject, i read the pages of these acquaintances (stalkerish, i know) and they all seem to be keeping in contact, minus a couple of us-me included. i feel strange about that. like, i feel left out and weird, like i want them to want to keep in touch with me, but i didn't know them all that long and it's not like i'm putting in a huge effort either, so what's the big issue? it just feels weird, that's all...*shrug*

in other news, i'm back from dallas. it was a good experience overall, frustrating at the end because they gave me shit research, but i'm really glad i got to do it and when i got to do copy-editing or proofreading, i really liked it. dallas was unusually cold and i wasn't prepared and i'm really glad i won't be living in a hotel anymore. home for two days and then off to ohio and back to work.

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