smanjali (smanjali) wrote,

ready for spring break

i'm already starting to wind down for spring break. now that i'm a part-time student, i get to spend all of my wednesday nights watching bad tv. america's next top model seems like a silly show to me. i like it because it lets me pretend that maybe i could model too someday. tyra makes it seem like anybody could do it. but then, after something like 7 seasons, you never see the winners anywhere except on the commercials right before top model and that's only for one season which is only like 14 shows. what a jip. then i'm watching the search for the next pussycat doll. what? it's a funny show, actually. but again, the premise eludes me. why do they need another pussycat doll anyway? there's already like a thousand of them and they all look like hookers. nobody even knows their names anyway so it's not like they're famous for anything except being skanky, bad dressers. then i like to watch top design because it's oddly intriguing even though i don't really care about interior design and the send-away line is painful "see you later decorator", seriously, they should fire whoever came up with that. why can't they just say, goodbye? but what does all this lead up to? when my bad tv watching habits increase, it means i'm ready for spring break.
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