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new york

i'm in new york now. i'm having a great time. i love the apartment i'm subletting and my roommates are cool as is the neighborhood. i've spent a shitload on clothes and shoes in the last three days and am ready to stop because i will run out of money very soon if i continue. i have an interview at GQ on monday morning and would never have believed i would have gotten one so soon. i'm in awe and so excited. i have to set up some informational interviews and am meeting some friends of friends to thank them and help me set things up. the city is dirty and exciting to visit but i miss home and it's prettiness. i love my workplace at dvf and can't wait to get some clothes. the people who work there are super nice although the interns don't ever seem to want to talk to me. i don't really understand because it's not like they knew each other before, somehow i just don't fit in. or they don't think i should. but whatever. i have to go to the met and see the poiret exhibit. i'm just dying to see it. i also want to try out a pilates class once a week with the money i get from my internship (tiny tiny). I've been running around all week since i got here and am ready to relax a little bit. i went to century 21 today and almost cried when i saw all the designer clothes and how cheap they were. i got a vivienne westwood sweater for 150 dollars. vivienne westwood!!!! they had everything, hani y, comme des garcons, pucci, kooba, everything. i couldn't believe it. so much better than filene's. i had no idea. i'm done though, for a while, as much as i like shopping and getting all these fashion items that i've always drooled over. i have to get a drtess for rabi's wedding at some point. perhaps i'll wear a dvf piece. *shrug* things are going well, yet i was reading other blogs and something never feels quite right. i always feel just a little bit rejected when i read certain things. it doesn't make sense, why is it hard for me to get over some things? i want to meet with my friends, my close friends. if i do get a job, i wonder what my life will be like. how will i live with so little money? i guess i found a place to shop...i think looking over my budget just scared me. this post is very random and filled with strange sentiments, but that's how i feel right now. so there.
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