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new york, new york

i just finished my homework for my magazine editing class. i'm not sure how i'll do or if i have the right tone of voice or whatever. i'm kind of nervous because i'm the only one in the class who's not actually working in the editing industry already. i just realized that i've been here three weeks already and i don't have any signs of having a job. i got an interview, but no call back. i even called today and left a message, but still nothing. i'm having a good time, i'm going to the ballet on friday and am SO excited about that, it's swan lake. imran visited last weekend and i'm so happy i got to see him and i get to see him in a couple weeks again. i'm going home on sunday for rabi's wedding and i like going home, even though it's a short visit. i need to do a lot of work, though, to find a job. i don't know how to get one, though. i need to connections. a co-worker told me to go out to bars during the week to meet people and network. so that's what i'm going to start doing. ugh. i don't like doing that much, and it will be expensive, but i spose it's worth it if it gets me a job. i just hope i don't get picked up on by a bunch of sleezy guys. yuck. i think i've finally realized that i'm done shopping, so that's good, because i don't have much money left. i need to do laundry and i keep procrastinating because it means i have to stay home that long and make sure i have enough quarters. incidentally, this is why i didn't do laundry very often in college, and why i have a lot of clothes. i saw gracey mae again last night. that was fun, although i got a huge headache, like, monumental, and the movie wasn't working so we had to leave with our money back and a free coupon and go wandering around looking for a bar. i think i really like new york and could live here for a while. especially now that i found out that because they have two ballet companies here, they have ballet year-round AND it's cheaper than seattle. i'm going to go now, but i think everyone should watch the new show about paula abdul because then we can find out why she's so crazy and if she's really on drugs, like anna nicole-i certainly will. oh yeah, i'm cooking now that i'm here and i shop at whole foods and there's all this interesting stuff. turns out, i'm not that bad at it and i like what i eat. i'm still pretty lazy at cooking, but i'm good at making yummy snacks.
peace out-smanj
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