smanjali (smanjali) wrote,

swan lake

i got back from the ballet tonight. it was so exciting to get dressed up and take the subway and go to the met for the very first time. and i haven't seen swan lake in forever. but then odile fell. i've never seen a dancer fall in a performance ever, but then i got to think romantic thoughts of her on drugs and stuff (of the gelsey kirkland fall in the swan lake performance in seattle due to meth variety) and that made it okay, plus she still did the 42 fouettes and as i was walking around i saw all the postings for concerts and operas and more ballets and i'm going to cinderella next week. this is one of the first times i'm going home that i'm not super excited about it and i'm actually looking forward to coming back. i want to be a new yorker. new decision. i have to live here and be able to go to these performances.
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